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Shattered Glass

The movie we are watching in class is called Shattered Glass. The main characters name is Stephan and he is telling a story to a class. He works at a magazine called The New Republic aka TNR. As he is telling the class all about these stories I start to realize what kind of person he is. First, when he talks to others he tries to seem charming. The reason for him to do that is so everyone will like him and think of him as such a nice guy. Then as the movie goes some other internet magazine finds out that one of his great stories is a false story. At once they run many checks on this topic about hackers they found more and more things false about it. So they call the TNR and have a conference with Stephan and his boss. The narrator keeps lying and keeps lying until the boss catches him in a lie he cannot get out of. As he told this article to his coworkers for the first time, they all love it because they found him a nice guy and someone that doesn’t make stories up. Then you see the boss and you look at him and you can see that he doesn’t really believe this story all the way. So as the movie goes on the boss grows farther apart from Stephan because now he thinks that Stephan is a liar. The editor tries to save Stephan from the online magazine writing about him by saying he will deal with it but the online company told him that its to big of a story to pass up.

Blog 6

I know everyone listens to music but are the type of person that just listens to the beat of the son or the actual lyrics. There are many sons with horrible lyrics. One song that comes to mind is the song by Vanilla Ice. The song has a really catchy beat but the words in it are just horrible. It is supposed to be a rap song but I don’t believe any of the words makes sense. He will say a word than a word that rhymes with it but has no real relevance to the song at all. Then the newer songs come out. One song by Sean Kingston is called Beautiful Girl. This song is really catchy but he repeats that he is “suicidal when she says that it’s over.” Now this song to children could end up really bad. They could be in a relationship with someone than they break up and since they heard it on the radio they may think it is ok to go ahead and kill themselves. A lot of kids look up to music as an inspiration and might y actual do what they hear. Another song that is horrible is by Lil Jon called get low. Like all the other songs the beat is catchy but the words are disgusting. He talks about sweat dripping off his well if you heard the song you would understand. So maybe music should change and actually use words that are meaningful rather than just words that go with the catchy beat.

IM Basketball
So how many people actually play an intramural sport? I have been playing IM sports all through my time at USF so far. The last sport I got done with is soccer and now its time for basketball. I am going to be the captain o the team and we have a really good team. We have 7 players and that’s all we want. We are wanting to play in the B league so we have a challenge but yet we don’t want A because we don’t want to play teams that are dunking all over us. This is going to be so fun to play because this is a sport I know a lot about. My team is very knowledgeable in this sport as well. Must of us have played on a team before or have played enough pick-up games to know how to play the game the right way. We have a kid on our team who is by far a very good player. He can do it all jump, rebound, shoot, and drive the lane. Also all of the other players (including me) are very good athletes. We all can drive well, and we all can make shots when we are open. We are going to have about 3 to 4 big men down low and the others are guards. We are also going to switch out a lot so everyone stays fresh. This will be ok because all of us are starter for any other team so there won’t be a bad combination out on the court. So if you like basketball join a team or come out and watch some games.

Blog 5

I am taking a class called Intro to Education and my professor is Mrs. Paula Cate. The first time I observed was Friday Feb. 15th. The school I was observing at is in Hillsborough County. The schools name is Alonso High School. The class I was in was Criminal Jusice. The teacher Mr. C is a pretty good teacher. He is an ex policeman and used to work for the FEDs. The first thing the class did when I got there was an oral test. The class was prepared fo the test and knocked it out within 15 minutes. Then the physical test came. As a class we walked over to the gym where the physical part of the test took place. He teaches the classthe basics on how a cop can defend themselves in curtain places. He taught them how to use a club, how to block punches and kicks and how to attack when they need to. He has witnessed first hand on many occasionslife threatening situations and he has obviouslygotten out of every one of them alive. The class gets a little loud at times but he keeps them in line pretty well and there’s not too much problem going on in the class. I was there for 3 hours and I need to obtain 15 hours. If I have to come back to this class I believe it will be great for me o take more field notes in it.

Blog 4

The article I am going to write about is an interview by our USF football coach Jim Levitt. He is talking about the recruiting class we got this off-season. We got a very good quarterback in the recruit named P.J. Daniels. He is a four start player and had a great season last year in high school. He is from Lincoln High and is known as a duel threat quarterback. This means he is a good runner and a good passer. Also, our basketball coach helped recruit Daniels. He told him that there was a spot on the basketball team for him as well. The basketball coach said he was a good ball handler and a good shooter. Another recruit is a guy from a community college. He recorded 13.5 sacks at the college were he played and is going to go very well with our other defensive back George Selvie. This player was ranked fifth in the country at defensive. Levitt said that he targeted this player and he is the one he really wanted. He was very happy with the result of getting the defensive end. Levitt also got a good linebacker with the last name Wilson. This man is fast for a linebacker by running a 4.5 40 yard dash. We also got a kid from Plant City High School. He is 6’7 310lbs and he is going to play right or left tackle. He also is said to be a good student as well and will caught on to the college system quickly. Overall we got 21 recruits and Levitt is quoted saying “after this class USF football will never be the same.”

Super Bowl

I know many of you watched the Super Bowl this year. It was played in Arizona and the two teams involved were the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. These two city’s have one of the best rivalries in every sport. In baseball, the Yankees and Red Socks and huge rivals. These cities really are against each other. Most people don’t really know how much these teams can’t stand each other. Now to the game. The games had a good start. The Patriots got a touchdown on there first drive and the Giants got a field goal. Then after that the game got in a slow pace. All the way to the 4th quarter the score stayed the same 7-3. Then the Giants got a touchdown and made it 10-7. That touchdown was scored by Tyree and this was just a start to his game. This also was his first touchdown all season and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Then the Patriots got the ball. Tom Brady being mister clutch started marching down the field. They drove down field and wasted a lot of time on the clock. Then Brady throws it to his favorite receive Randy Moss. The cornerback for the Giants slipped and Moss scored easily. The Giants had about 3 minutes left in the game and there team got pumped up. Michael Strahan the Giants defensive end was chanting 17-14 on the sidelines saying that they were going to win. The quarterback for the Giants Eli Manning marched them down the field. Then what is known as the best play in the Super Bowl happened. Manning was getting sacked and broke through two tackle and throw a bomb to Tyree. Tyree caught the ball on top of his head. With 35 seconds left Eli throw a pass to Plaxico Burress. Burress made the Giants 1st reception and there last reception. The Giants won the game 17-14.

Assignment 4

A dollar

The question was asked that if you saw a homeless person would you give them a dollar? As you think about this, some people get there response right away other however has to think about whether they will. In my opinion I wouldn’t give them a dollar. For one no matter what I believe if you want a job there is some job somewhere you can get. Also, it could be a scam I know I have heard many stories about people getting in cars like Mercedes and drive away and go to a nice big house after acting like a homeless person. I think it is definitely wrong if people pose like that but if people give them money then I guess they can think it is ok. I believe that’s wrong 100% and think nobody should do that. Other people may argue that you should give them money they have none and it’s only a dollar. Well it’s your hard earned money why do you have to give it away. I might give a homeless person a dollar on some certain occasions. For instance, it could be a holiday and I feel very charitable. Other times could be if I’m just in a very good all around mood. I could be a nice person but I don’t trust people and don’t want to get scammed. Everyone has an opinion on this matter some more charitable then other but it’s there opinion and let them believe as they want.

IM sports

Everybody hears about school varsity sports. For instance everyone knows about the schools real varsity football team. Well most colleges have what’s called intramural sports. This is the sports in a safer and you don’t have to try out to play. I just recently got done playing IM football. This was a great experience that I had. I really advise playing an IM sport. My team had a great season this year. We started out 1-1 and didn’t look like a very good team but then we switched positions and I became more a part of the offense. This is when we started playing good. We lost 1 more game but we won 2 more and it was a great time. We didn’t get to make the play-offs however because our team didn’t have high enough conduct and didn’t get to play. This was a huge disappointment but we got over it. Then the next sport is up now. We are playing IM soccer. I never had soccer where I was from so this is a great experience and a lot of fun to try. When I first came to college I didn’t really think I would get to play all the sports plus some new ones. In the upcoming weeks I am going to get an IM basketball team started and getting ready to play. I believe 100% that if you like sports before you come into college you defiantly should sign up and play IM sports when you get to college.

Assignment 3

Obama Commercial

The political commercial I am going to be explaining about is the commercial where Barrack Obama is talking about his mother. At the very beginning he uses pathos. He starts to explain about his mother and how she died from cancer. He uses that to play the sympathy roll to get people to vote for him. Then he says that his mother in her last few months of life was more worried about paying her medical bills rather than to try and get her well. Then he uses ethos. He says he would if he becomes president have a health care system to cover everyone in the United States. He doesn’t use any examples or anything but when he says it you fell that he has a very good idea on what he is going to do to reform it. He doesn’t really use logos very much. He gives a very short speech on how he is going to try and reform the health care system but he doesn’t explain what he is and everyone has been trying to reform the health care for 20 years now but he has a plan to reform it and make it better. Obama uses pathos, ethos and logos very well in this commercial. He makes a very good claim and sticks to it and it really appeal to most of the people that listen to this commercial.

Marlins Baseball

As many of you know there is a baseball team in Miami called the Florida Marlins. Well in this off-season they traded there to best players on the team. First they traded there start 3rd Baseman Miguel Cabrera and in the same deal they also traded there best pitcher Dontrell Willis. This isn’t the first time the marlins have done this either. After they won the World Series back in 1997 they let go almost half there starting roster. Then 5 years later they won again. Of course the owners yet again got rid of all the players again. Now people are wondering why they would do this but everyone who is a Marlins fan knows why and its because the owners are selfish. The owners get $60 million from major league baseball to have a team. So right off the bat they get $60 million not including the money they make on tickets and all. This year to start off the marlins salary is going to be $16 million. How unfair is that. The owners are making millions off this team because they don’t want to spend the money on players but rather on themselves. What I believe is going to happen this year is not many people will show up to there games and everything will go down from there. There is even a possibility that the Marlins may move to a different city or maybe a different state and get renamed. All this is going to happen because the owners are just wanting the millions of dollars now rather than building up the team and making much more in sales because the team is doing so good.

Assignment 2

1. Ethos-The amount of confidence the person listening has in the topic the person speaking. Authority is another word.

Pathos – another word for this is emotions. This is a way for the speaker to try and get sympathy from the audience.

Logos (logic)- is a way to connect the concept of the argument to the listener.

2. A good strategy for writing a research paper is to add things against your topic as well as for it to strengthen there argument. They use that so they don’t leave out the other side and lose credibility because you don’t bring back the other side. If you get the listeners trust by authority it is useful because they will actually consider and think about your argument.

3. You should find topics that relate to your audience. For example, if you are writing a paper about the effects of war you can spark emotion by relating how that fallen soldier is someone’s husband, son, father, and so on. With this situation anyone can relate to that soldier or their family.

4. Using emotion is good but when you overdo it, it can have the opposite effect you were striving for. If you keep going on about something your audience might doubt how sincere or true you are or they might be to caught up with emotion and forget about the point you were trying to make.

5. The most important part of logic is having good evidence from doing research. You need to know exactly what you are talking about to earn the audience’s trust. If you put false facts and statements in your argument and your audience knows they aren’t true, you will lose their trust and they won’t listen to you argument.

6. Ethos, pathos, and logic aren’t totally separate from each other. You need a little of each to write a strong argument. For example, if you are writing about a topic that evokes emotion in people yet your argument is just straight facts and you show no emotion at all. People are going to think you are too cold hearted or not sincere enough and you won’t have the same effect as you would if you had showed some emotion.

Why Eminem Is Important by Maury P. McCrillis

The author first starts out by saying things about Eminem’s new album that came out. First, they start out by saying the negative things about the album. This is very useful to have in the essay because it shows him from more then one point of view so its not just a one sided argument. For instance, how the songs are harmful to the children listening to them. Then they go on and talk about race is why Eminem is as popular as he is today. This is a kind of use of pathos. They bring this up trying to play the sympathy rule trying to convince people to believe in what they are saying. The author uses great authority in it after she talks about that. She says how he uses controversy to keep his album sales up. Then she goes back talking about him again from more then one point of view. They start saying famous celebrity who has an opinion on Eminem. Will Smith is talking about how Eminem is a good rap but then they have Dick Cheneys wife saying that he is not supposed to talk like that and talk on the issues he uses. Then she uses logos by saying that no matter that he uses bad language and didn’t need to speak about issues that he does he still sells many albums and has become very famous by doing so. At the end of the essay the writer adds that maybe Eminem has bad lyrics and all but he still is making hip-hop a more recognizable genre of music.

Assignment 1

A claim is the belief you express to others having it backed by facts. A claim is the purpose for arguments.

Support is the reason that is behind the It helps explain more of the claim to the people that is being told about the claim.

Evidence is the facts that back up the support. Evidence is something that helps the people listening to the claim makes it feel more believable.

Explanation is the telling of the claim and its reasons behind it. It helps the people understand the claim more.

1) My first response to his argument is I agree on some of the points he says but I also don’t believe some of the points he says. I agree total when he says that whether you believe in God or not you have to believe in something supreme running everything. It makes me feel relieved that someone else expresses this opinion like I do. Even though there aren’t many facts about it I believe it 100%. What sticks to my mind in this article is how he says we are all energy sinners. I don’t believe this is true at all because we may be using energy but there are some who try and consume energy and others that find other sources less harmful to the environment for energy.
2) Crichton’s tone kind of sounds like he is angry and a little frustrated. I believe he feels strong toward this topic because this is his faith and its what he believes in. I think he is trying to make the readers feel like if they don’t believe him that that are doomed for hell. He is making people feel like this because he is trying to get people to believe in his beliefs just like an argument I s structured to do.
3) His claim is that environmentalism is being turned into more of a religion. He also saying that politics are getting to involved in the environment and they need out stay out of it.
4) He supports his claim by telling stories and about the history of it. He uses facts about the Bible, and about other places in the world. He also says that the environment is not a fantastical place.
5) He doesn’t give reasons because he says religion is really about facts its about faith. I accept this because you have to truly believe in something with your heart to follow it as a religion.
6) His argument is strong because he gives a lot of information on different topics to all support his claim.

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