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Shattered Glass

The movie we are watching in class is called Shattered Glass. The main characters name is Stephan and he is telling a story to a class. He works at a magazine called The New Republic aka TNR. As he is telling the class all about these stories I start to realize what kind of person he is. First, when he talks to others he tries to seem charming. The reason for him to do that is so everyone will like him and think of him as such a nice guy. Then as the movie goes some other internet magazine finds out that one of his great stories is a false story. At once they run many checks on this topic about hackers they found more and more things false about it. So they call the TNR and have a conference with Stephan and his boss. The narrator keeps lying and keeps lying until the boss catches him in a lie he cannot get out of. As he told this article to his coworkers for the first time, they all love it because they found him a nice guy and someone that doesn’t make stories up. Then you see the boss and you look at him and you can see that he doesn’t really believe this story all the way. So as the movie goes on the boss grows farther apart from Stephan because now he thinks that Stephan is a liar. The editor tries to save Stephan from the online magazine writing about him by saying he will deal with it but the online company told him that its to big of a story to pass up.

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