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I know everyone listens to music but are the type of person that just listens to the beat of the son or the actual lyrics. There are many sons with horrible lyrics. One song that comes to mind is the song by Vanilla Ice. The song has a really catchy beat but the words in it are just horrible. It is supposed to be a rap song but I don’t believe any of the words makes sense. He will say a word than a word that rhymes with it but has no real relevance to the song at all. Then the newer songs come out. One song by Sean Kingston is called Beautiful Girl. This song is really catchy but he repeats that he is “suicidal when she says that it’s over.” Now this song to children could end up really bad. They could be in a relationship with someone than they break up and since they heard it on the radio they may think it is ok to go ahead and kill themselves. A lot of kids look up to music as an inspiration and might y actual do what they hear. Another song that is horrible is by Lil Jon called get low. Like all the other songs the beat is catchy but the words are disgusting. He talks about sweat dripping off his well if you heard the song you would understand. So maybe music should change and actually use words that are meaningful rather than just words that go with the catchy beat.

IM Basketball
So how many people actually play an intramural sport? I have been playing IM sports all through my time at USF so far. The last sport I got done with is soccer and now its time for basketball. I am going to be the captain o the team and we have a really good team. We have 7 players and that’s all we want. We are wanting to play in the B league so we have a challenge but yet we don’t want A because we don’t want to play teams that are dunking all over us. This is going to be so fun to play because this is a sport I know a lot about. My team is very knowledgeable in this sport as well. Must of us have played on a team before or have played enough pick-up games to know how to play the game the right way. We have a kid on our team who is by far a very good player. He can do it all jump, rebound, shoot, and drive the lane. Also all of the other players (including me) are very good athletes. We all can drive well, and we all can make shots when we are open. We are going to have about 3 to 4 big men down low and the others are guards. We are also going to switch out a lot so everyone stays fresh. This will be ok because all of us are starter for any other team so there won’t be a bad combination out on the court. So if you like basketball join a team or come out and watch some games.

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