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Assignment 2

1. Ethos-The amount of confidence the person listening has in the topic the person speaking. Authority is another word.

Pathos – another word for this is emotions. This is a way for the speaker to try and get sympathy from the audience.

Logos (logic)- is a way to connect the concept of the argument to the listener.

2. A good strategy for writing a research paper is to add things against your topic as well as for it to strengthen there argument. They use that so they don’t leave out the other side and lose credibility because you don’t bring back the other side. If you get the listeners trust by authority it is useful because they will actually consider and think about your argument.

3. You should find topics that relate to your audience. For example, if you are writing a paper about the effects of war you can spark emotion by relating how that fallen soldier is someone’s husband, son, father, and so on. With this situation anyone can relate to that soldier or their family.

4. Using emotion is good but when you overdo it, it can have the opposite effect you were striving for. If you keep going on about something your audience might doubt how sincere or true you are or they might be to caught up with emotion and forget about the point you were trying to make.

5. The most important part of logic is having good evidence from doing research. You need to know exactly what you are talking about to earn the audience’s trust. If you put false facts and statements in your argument and your audience knows they aren’t true, you will lose their trust and they won’t listen to you argument.

6. Ethos, pathos, and logic aren’t totally separate from each other. You need a little of each to write a strong argument. For example, if you are writing about a topic that evokes emotion in people yet your argument is just straight facts and you show no emotion at all. People are going to think you are too cold hearted or not sincere enough and you won’t have the same effect as you would if you had showed some emotion.

Why Eminem Is Important by Maury P. McCrillis

The author first starts out by saying things about Eminem’s new album that came out. First, they start out by saying the negative things about the album. This is very useful to have in the essay because it shows him from more then one point of view so its not just a one sided argument. For instance, how the songs are harmful to the children listening to them. Then they go on and talk about race is why Eminem is as popular as he is today. This is a kind of use of pathos. They bring this up trying to play the sympathy rule trying to convince people to believe in what they are saying. The author uses great authority in it after she talks about that. She says how he uses controversy to keep his album sales up. Then she goes back talking about him again from more then one point of view. They start saying famous celebrity who has an opinion on Eminem. Will Smith is talking about how Eminem is a good rap but then they have Dick Cheneys wife saying that he is not supposed to talk like that and talk on the issues he uses. Then she uses logos by saying that no matter that he uses bad language and didn’t need to speak about issues that he does he still sells many albums and has become very famous by doing so. At the end of the essay the writer adds that maybe Eminem has bad lyrics and all but he still is making hip-hop a more recognizable genre of music.

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