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Assignment 4

A dollar

The question was asked that if you saw a homeless person would you give them a dollar? As you think about this, some people get there response right away other however has to think about whether they will. In my opinion I wouldn’t give them a dollar. For one no matter [...]

Assignment 3

Obama Commercial

The political commercial I am going to be explaining about is the commercial where Barrack Obama is talking about his mother. At the very beginning he uses pathos. He starts to explain about his mother and how she died from cancer. He uses that to play the sympathy roll to get [...]

Assignment 2

1. Ethos-The amount of confidence the person listening has in the topic the person speaking. Authority is another word.

Pathos – another word for this is emotions. This is a way for the speaker to try and get sympathy from the audience.

Logos (logic)- is a way to connect the concept of the argument to the [...]

Assignment 1

A claim is the belief you express to others having it backed by facts. A claim is the purpose for arguments.

Support is the reason that is behind the It helps explain more of the claim to the people that is being told about the claim.

Evidence is the facts that back up the support. [...]

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