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Assignment 1

A claim is the belief you express to others having it backed by facts. A claim is the purpose for arguments.

Support is the reason that is behind the It helps explain more of the claim to the people that is being told about the claim.

Evidence is the facts that back up the support. Evidence is something that helps the people listening to the claim makes it feel more believable.

Explanation is the telling of the claim and its reasons behind it. It helps the people understand the claim more.

1) My first response to his argument is I agree on some of the points he says but I also don’t believe some of the points he says. I agree total when he says that whether you believe in God or not you have to believe in something supreme running everything. It makes me feel relieved that someone else expresses this opinion like I do. Even though there aren’t many facts about it I believe it 100%. What sticks to my mind in this article is how he says we are all energy sinners. I don’t believe this is true at all because we may be using energy but there are some who try and consume energy and others that find other sources less harmful to the environment for energy.
2) Crichton’s tone kind of sounds like he is angry and a little frustrated. I believe he feels strong toward this topic because this is his faith and its what he believes in. I think he is trying to make the readers feel like if they don’t believe him that that are doomed for hell. He is making people feel like this because he is trying to get people to believe in his beliefs just like an argument I s structured to do.
3) His claim is that environmentalism is being turned into more of a religion. He also saying that politics are getting to involved in the environment and they need out stay out of it.
4) He supports his claim by telling stories and about the history of it. He uses facts about the Bible, and about other places in the world. He also says that the environment is not a fantastical place.
5) He doesn’t give reasons because he says religion is really about facts its about faith. I accept this because you have to truly believe in something with your heart to follow it as a religion.
6) His argument is strong because he gives a lot of information on different topics to all support his claim.

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