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Assignment 3

Obama Commercial

The political commercial I am going to be explaining about is the commercial where Barrack Obama is talking about his mother. At the very beginning he uses pathos. He starts to explain about his mother and how she died from cancer. He uses that to play the sympathy roll to get people to vote for him. Then he says that his mother in her last few months of life was more worried about paying her medical bills rather than to try and get her well. Then he uses ethos. He says he would if he becomes president have a health care system to cover everyone in the United States. He doesn’t use any examples or anything but when he says it you fell that he has a very good idea on what he is going to do to reform it. He doesn’t really use logos very much. He gives a very short speech on how he is going to try and reform the health care system but he doesn’t explain what he is and everyone has been trying to reform the health care for 20 years now but he has a plan to reform it and make it better. Obama uses pathos, ethos and logos very well in this commercial. He makes a very good claim and sticks to it and it really appeal to most of the people that listen to this commercial.

Marlins Baseball

As many of you know there is a baseball team in Miami called the Florida Marlins. Well in this off-season they traded there to best players on the team. First they traded there start 3rd Baseman Miguel Cabrera and in the same deal they also traded there best pitcher Dontrell Willis. This isn’t the first time the marlins have done this either. After they won the World Series back in 1997 they let go almost half there starting roster. Then 5 years later they won again. Of course the owners yet again got rid of all the players again. Now people are wondering why they would do this but everyone who is a Marlins fan knows why and its because the owners are selfish. The owners get $60 million from major league baseball to have a team. So right off the bat they get $60 million not including the money they make on tickets and all. This year to start off the marlins salary is going to be $16 million. How unfair is that. The owners are making millions off this team because they don’t want to spend the money on players but rather on themselves. What I believe is going to happen this year is not many people will show up to there games and everything will go down from there. There is even a possibility that the Marlins may move to a different city or maybe a different state and get renamed. All this is going to happen because the owners are just wanting the millions of dollars now rather than building up the team and making much more in sales because the team is doing so good.

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