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Assignment 4

A dollar

The question was asked that if you saw a homeless person would you give them a dollar? As you think about this, some people get there response right away other however has to think about whether they will. In my opinion I wouldn’t give them a dollar. For one no matter what I believe if you want a job there is some job somewhere you can get. Also, it could be a scam I know I have heard many stories about people getting in cars like Mercedes and drive away and go to a nice big house after acting like a homeless person. I think it is definitely wrong if people pose like that but if people give them money then I guess they can think it is ok. I believe that’s wrong 100% and think nobody should do that. Other people may argue that you should give them money they have none and it’s only a dollar. Well it’s your hard earned money why do you have to give it away. I might give a homeless person a dollar on some certain occasions. For instance, it could be a holiday and I feel very charitable. Other times could be if I’m just in a very good all around mood. I could be a nice person but I don’t trust people and don’t want to get scammed. Everyone has an opinion on this matter some more charitable then other but it’s there opinion and let them believe as they want.

IM sports

Everybody hears about school varsity sports. For instance everyone knows about the schools real varsity football team. Well most colleges have what’s called intramural sports. This is the sports in a safer and you don’t have to try out to play. I just recently got done playing IM football. This was a great experience that I had. I really advise playing an IM sport. My team had a great season this year. We started out 1-1 and didn’t look like a very good team but then we switched positions and I became more a part of the offense. This is when we started playing good. We lost 1 more game but we won 2 more and it was a great time. We didn’t get to make the play-offs however because our team didn’t have high enough conduct and didn’t get to play. This was a huge disappointment but we got over it. Then the next sport is up now. We are playing IM soccer. I never had soccer where I was from so this is a great experience and a lot of fun to try. When I first came to college I didn’t really think I would get to play all the sports plus some new ones. In the upcoming weeks I am going to get an IM basketball team started and getting ready to play. I believe 100% that if you like sports before you come into college you defiantly should sign up and play IM sports when you get to college.

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