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I am taking a class called Intro to Education and my professor is Mrs. Paula Cate. The first time I observed was Friday Feb. 15th. The school I was observing at is in Hillsborough County. The schools name is Alonso High School. The class I was in was Criminal Jusice. The teacher Mr. C is a pretty good teacher. He is an ex policeman and used to work for the FEDs. The first thing the class did when I got there was an oral test. The class was prepared fo the test and knocked it out within 15 minutes. Then the physical test came. As a class we walked over to the gym where the physical part of the test took place. He teaches the classthe basics on how a cop can defend themselves in curtain places. He taught them how to use a club, how to block punches and kicks and how to attack when they need to. He has witnessed first hand on many occasionslife threatening situations and he has obviouslygotten out of every one of them alive. The class gets a little loud at times but he keeps them in line pretty well and there’s not too much problem going on in the class. I was there for 3 hours and I need to obtain 15 hours. If I have to come back to this class I believe it will be great for me o take more field notes in it.

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